Whether you have a dog who regularly gets into trouble for exhibiting bad behaviors or you have a well-behaved dog who could use some brushing up on good manners, the benefits of dog training can help.

Professional dog training can help your dog in several ways, including general safety for you and your pet, easy socialization with other animals and people, and more. Obedience training can help you grow closer to your dog, too. There is evidence that well-mannered dogs have a closer bond with their families. Easy management of your dog is another priceless benefit to dog training. At Training Tails, we work on everything from learning basic commands to adjusting behavioral issues.

"Reaching out to Training Tails was the best decision I ever made! I never grew up with a dog, let alone a puppy, and Tom and his staff were so patient, supportive, and matter of fact, with my kids and me. I feel so much more confident being a dog mom now than I did 6 weeks ago. I am looking forward to returning when Korra is old enough to be my running partner for off-leash training!"

- Christine McGrath McDermott


Hi there! You may or may not remember me and my dog King, but we completed the basic obedience training about two years ago.

I have tried my best to keep up our training with him to keep his mind fresh and have it all stick. Although he occasionally chooses not to listen, he has been a well-behaved boy most of the time since graduating from training!

Yesterday, we went for a run together at Fort Branch Nature Reserve. While I typically take him on my runs, I always leash him to my running belt. The trail and parking lot were empty, so I took a giant leap of faith and decided to let him run with me off-leash. While he does great on off-leash walks (honestly better than him being on leash with his reactivity), I was sure that since he loves to run and can run way faster than me, he would book it, and I would have to call him back to put him back on leash. I was pleasantly surprised. We completed a 5-mile run with him off-leash the whole time. He never went more than 10 feet away from me, constantly turning around to check in with me, healing when I asked him to, refraining from going after birds or squirrels and instead reverting his attention to me. I didn’t even have to use the e-collar once in the whole hour we ran. I was quite the proud dog mom.

I just wanted to share that and share my appreciation and thankfulness for your training expertise. I wouldn’t be comfortable doing the things I can do with King if it wasn’t for Training Tails. I recommend you all the time.

Thank you for training that allows my dog to be a dog and live his best life.

Maria T.



One-on-One Training

  • Time: 5 Weeks
  • Frequency: Approximately 1 Hour Per Week
  • Price: $425.00

Includes:  Martingale Collar and a 4' Lead

Having a happy and well-behaved dog is the benchmark of a wonderful relationship between you and your dog. One-on-one training is designed to deepen the relationship between you and your dog by teaching hands-on techniques specific to your goals and your dog's ultimate needs.

During these sessions, we can work on basic obedience commands from "sit, stay, place, and come" to calm leash walking with no barking or pulling and augment any minor behavioral issues.

We'll meet once per week for five weeks. Our first session will include consultation, assessment, and hands-on training with you and your dog. Each session after that is approximately 1-hour long, depending on your dog's needs.


 Board & Train

  • Time: 3 Weeks
  • Learn Basics, Behavior Modification, and Off-Site 
  • Price: $2,100.00
  • Price with E-collar: $2,350.00

Includes:  Martingale Collar, 4' Lead, 2 Follow-Ups

This program is personalized for your dog’s specific needs. Your pup stays at our training facility for the entire 3-weeks, allowing for a more comprehensive training environment that significantly accelerates the learning process for your dog.  This program offers more dedicated time for one-on-one training, the care and attention your dog needs to learn new skills, and established routines to reinforce new behaviors. 

Consistency of the training provides a solid foundation for success. This type of devoted time can also be beneficial if specific behavioral issues need addressing.

Your Friday pickup requires an extended checkout and review, where we bring you into the process for continued success at home.  Two follow-up sessions are included.

Day School (No Overnight)

  • Time: 5 Weeks
  • Frequency: 1 Day Per Week
  • Price: $550.00

Includes: Martingale Collar and a 4' Lead

Our Day School program allows you to have your dog trained by our professional trainer during the day and have them go home with you at night. The program is an alternative to One-on-One Private Training. If your dog needs more personal attention and you don't have the time, this program is for you. The Day School is ideal for busy dog owners, especially those who feel overwhelmed by training.

This program offers personal one-on-one training sessions, offsite training, walks, socialization, quiet time, and playtime each day. Your dog will also be exposed to an environment that provides everyday distractions like bikes, kids, and other dogs. The programs provide real-life distractions for your dog in a realistic environment, which is especially helpful for leash training. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered.