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Who We Are

Training Tails is devoted to helping our clients with training programs that teach their dog companions to be obedient and reliable in a varied of environments. We provide one on one dog training and board & train programs that prove to be the best present for your loved animal.

About the Head Trainer

Tom Moore

Tom has always had a deep love for animals. His childhood memories are filled with family pets; Thumper, and Fluffy have a special place in Tom's heart. Over the last several years his young family has made a home for many dogs and cats. Currently, his house is full and happy with Belle, Beauregard ("Beau"), Brandi, and Bogie.

Finding Brandi (purebred German Shepherd) at just fourteen weeks old is where his passion for training began. Brandi was a lost and abandoned puppy when she found Tom and Tom found her. From the moment they met, the two became inseparable and together helped each other overcome heartache and challenges. As their relationship grew stronger through basic and advanced canine training, Tom realized his passion for and understanding of the deep connection between dogs and their owners. He realized that as a Trainer he could help create and enhance those rewarding relationships and not long after, the conception of Training Tails was born.

Tom understands first-hand the need for and advantages of proper basic and advanced training for your canine companion. Through Training Tails, his goal is to build a relationship with each client to understand not only the client's needs but the dog's needs as well. Tom believes that "All dogs want to please and when we're able to understand what they need, our relationship with them will deepen and flourish."

With each training session, Tom strives to provide owners with the kindness and patience necessary to bring them to a level of confidence in their ability to train their pup and improve the owner-canine relationship.

Tom is a graduate of the Principles of Dog Training with internationally renowned dog trainer Michael Ellis and the Basic Obedience program through Ed Frawley. He spent two years honing his skills as an apprentice with the Dog Training Academy of Newark. Tom stays on top of his game through training experts like Michael Ellis, Tyler Muto, Jeff Gellman, Forrest Micke, and Mark Keating.

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