30 Sep

Give Your Pup His Own Bed

We all love our beds, they’re comfortable and warm, and they suit us just right, and we make sure they do. Rarely do we put up with a bed that’s less than perfect if we don’t have to.

So, let’s talk about why your dog’s bed is just as important as your bed.


You’d be surprised to hear the many health benefits getting your canine companion the right bed can provide. Sleeping on the floor or other hard surfaces can cause pain and discomfort, just like it would for us. Dog beds provide cushioning for your dog to protect their joints and bones. Some dog beds even serve a more specific purpose; an orthopedic dog bed is designed to ease the pain of hip dysplasia, arthritis, or a dog whose joints just need some extra support. Dog beds also prevent injuries dogs can receive while jumping off furniture or your bed. Just like us, dogs seek the most comfortable place to sleep or take a nap, that means even the couch or your bed. A dog bed provides your pup with a special place of their own, so maybe he’ll be more likely to stay off of your bed. Not only does this save your furniture from scratches, rips, and tears, but it can contain hair and dirt to a central place, and most dog beds come with removable covers that are easy to clean. A bed of their own is much more appealing than cleaning up after a dirty dog decides to take a nap on your bed.

Choosing the Perfect Bed for Your Dog

Consider Size, Shape & Texture

How do you determine what dog bed is right for you and your canine? When you walk into a pet store, the amount and type of dog beds can be overwhelming, so many colors and styles and sizes. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the perfect dog bed. So first start with the size of bed. Most beds have a size written on them ranging from small to extra-large making the process much more straightforward. But what about those few times when you think you’ve found the perfect bed, but there’s no size. At this point your common sense comes into play, if you own a Rottweiler, you shouldn’t be buying a bed for a dog the size of a Chihuahua. Even if your dog is a puppy you want this dog bed to last as long as possible, think about how big your dog is going to get and how soon you want to have to buy a new one. Once you handle that, then you can narrow down the amount of dog beds to nearly ⅕ of the original number. You’ll also find dog beds with different amenities, like odor resistant, waterproof, or some even have small heaters inside or cooling pads. What does your dog need? If your dog naps outside in the sunshine, you might consider something weather and fungus resistant. Whereas if your dog sleeps inside, you have to ask yourself, does my dog give off a “dog smell”? If yes then maybe try something odor resistant. Also, pay attention to how your dog gets comfortable, does he love his head resting on something generally? You may consider a bed with bolsters so he can rest his head. Does he like to stretch out to his full length and stretch out? Then a rectangular shape might suit him better than round.

Design & Quality

So after you decide what you feel your dog needs in a bed, now it comes down to two aspects, quality, and design. Just as if you were buying a bed for yourself, you would try each one out to make sure you liked it and not merely purchase the cheapest one. You should be doing the same for your dog. After all, they’re a part of your family too. Then it’s all about the design and what look is right for you? Do you want the bed to match your couch and lamp shades, or do you just want a simple black or tan dog bed? That part is really up to you.

Adjustment Period

Remember, that just like us, it may take your dog a little time to get used to his new bed. Be sure to use the bed as a safe, happy place for him to be. Consider giving him a small treat when he uses his bed. A little positive reinforcement is never a bad idea.

And don’t hesitate to move the bed from room to room so that he can be with you.