Dog Training Services

Training Services

Creating rewarding relationships between dogs and their owners.
Day School (Day Training – No Overnight)
  • 1 Day Per Week
  • 6 Weeks 
  • $450
Overnight Boarding School (Day Training w/ Overnight)
  • 3 Weeks: Monday – Friday
  • $1,200 (Includes E-Collar and Intro to E-Collar Training)
  • $950 (No E-Collar)
Your dog spends these days with us learning and playing.

Our Day School and Boarding School programs give you the option of having your dog trained by our professional trainer during the day and still have your pup home with you at night or if you choose Overnight Boarding School, he’ll be home with you for the weekend. The Day Training program is an alternative to Private Lessons and ideal for busy owners, those who feel overwhelmed by training or even those who want a little more personal attention for their dog. In both programs your dog will receive personal one-on-one training sessions, offsite training time, walks, socialization, downtime, and play time each day. They will also be exposed to everyday distractions like bikes, kids, and other dogs. These distractions provide a realistic environment for obedience training, and especially leash training.

Your dog will be learning skills and behaviors needed to be a better-behaved dog at home. A lesson is included at the end of each training day, or end of the week for overnighters, to ensure that you are successful in maintaining the skills your dog has learned while with us.

One-On-One Private Training (Basic & Advanced)
  • 6 Weeks
  • Approximately 1 hour per week
  • $300
Enhances the relationship between owner and dog.

Having a happy and well-behaved dog is important to you! This program is designed to enhance the relationship between the owner and their dog by giving hands-on techniques specific to the owner’s goals and the dog’s needs. During these sessions, we can work on basic obedience from Sit, Stay, Place and Come to Calm Leash Walking with no barking and pulling, as well as trouble-shoot minor behavioral issues. We’ll meet once per week for six weeks. Our first session together will consist of consultation, assessment and hands-on training with you and your dog. Each session after that is approximately 1-hour long depending on the dog. Our sessions together will provide you with an obedience plan that works toward your goals as well as creating a happy, healthy, balanced dog.

Board & Training

Demanding work schedules, kids’ activities and life in general, creates challenges when trying to fit in dog training sessions, too. Our Board and Train program is perfect for busy individuals and families.

Two Week Board & Train
Foundations of Obedience with E-Collar Training Option
  • $1800 E-Collar and Intro to E-Collar Training Included
  • $1500 No E-Collar

Our Board & Train program is the perfect option for owners with dogs that need basic obedience training and does not exhibit serious behavioral issues that require our longer Board and Train programs. This Two Week program offers continuous structure, leadership, and guidance to your dog for 14 consecutive days. Time is focused on the repetitions required in initial foundation work that the average dog owner typically cannot fit into their already full schedule.

During the first week, your dog will learn the training basics, including the following skills and commands with light distractions.

  • Sit, stay
  • Down, stay
  • Place
  • Basic Recall – Comes when Called
  • Leash Walking
  • Crate Training (Goes in Crate and settles)
  • Food Manners
  • Threshold Manners

This program will also test and reinforce these skills in different environments and multiple locations under distraction and can include E-Collar training.

The E-Collar training is for dog owners that want to take their dog’s training to the next level of obedience. E-Collar training has advanced substantially over the years (it is not what you may remember) and we specialize in state-of-the-art, low-level, communication-style E-Collar training. We use Einstein E-Collars utilizing the softest, most gentle remote communication. It is one of the most humane and effective approaches available to dog owners today.

NOTE: If your dog has severe behavioral issues this program can be extended to 3, 4, or 5 weeks Board and Train, depending on the situation. Each additional week of the program is $600.

All Board and Train dogs must be dropped off and picked up by the client (owner).

The program includes private one-on-one coaching with the dog’s owner. 90-minutes of this training will take place on the day of pick-up at the end of the 14-day program and another 60-minute session will be scheduled before 60 days from pick-up. All training sessions take place at our training facility in Dover, DE.

These sessions will provide the owner with the knowledge and skills required to continue the dog’s training. We will focus on the technical side of training, necessary leadership skills and state of mind aspects that will ensure more successful results for both owner and dog.

Payment & Refund Policy

All payments are due in advance of training.

Once accepted for the Board & Train program, payment is due in full to secure your dog’s reservation.

All of our Board & Train Programs includes a non-refundable fee of $200. The remainder is fully refundable up until 14-days prior to your dog’s scheduled drop-off date.

Private One-On-One Behavioral Correction Lessons can be scheduled on a weekly basis for $50 per hour.

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